About KPVL

Astrologer “Jothida Rathna” Sri Dr.K.P Vidyadharan has proven and shown the way to predict on society, politics, and economy trends precisely with his astrology research to earn a Doctorate on Astrology from University of Madras. Also Head of Department at karpagam university (Astrology department) coimbatore

He hails from the family of people who practiced and train Traditional Astrology for many generations. His grandfather the great, “Sengalvaraya Kanagasabai” is an exponent of Pancha Patchi Sastra. A form through which he can predict happenings precisely just listening to Bird calls. His son “Sri Paramasivam” who learned “Mani Manthira Oudadham” and served people for their well being, It is notable that he was a Teacher by Profession. And he was awarded “The Best Tamil Teacher” from the Central – State Government. He was also specialized in Prasanna Astrology, predicting with Samuthrika Lakshana and Numerology.

Besides he was such a wonderful human being. Whenever a family has differences in their lives, preparing for a divorce and comes to him for consultation. Sri.Paramasivam will nicely guide and advice to the Husband – Wife so that they unite back successfully to lead a very happy life ever after! Jothida Rathna Sri KP Vidyadharan hails from, such a traditional family. He was very much interested in astrology from very young age. And he learnt most of his domain knowledge from his Grandfather and his Father by practicing along with them.

In times where Astrology has been used, for constraint predictions of single person or self or family, Jothida Rathna Sri KP Vidyadharan was instrumental, predicting on Society, Politics, Economy trends which helps everyone in the Society. In this perspective, he did a research, “Astrology in Tamil People Lives”. This earned him the Doctorate from the University of Madras. By studying Planetary positions consistently, he has been providing advices and predictions regularly on how these positions affect the day-to-day happenings in the Society, Politics, Economy etc., With his traditional Astrology domain knowledge, he interprets today’s Fast Furious HI-Fi world’s things to solve complex problems. He is emphasizing that, “Like Science, Astrology is also vital for Humanity for its wellness and survival.”

He says, “If there is a problem, that is due to the rays of the Current Planet above. If there is good thing happening, that is also due to the influence of Planet’s position. By analyzing, under which planetary position we stand, we can better equipped on selection of our choices and succeed on everything every time! Each and every minute the planets impact their rays on us, from persons we meet on day-to-day life proceedings.” Science helps reasoning a work. If there is a happening, the science reasons with is systematic knowledge that is capable of resulting in a prediction, Similarly Astrology also with its traditional knowledge helps the society and people in finding solutions and answers for the complex problem in this Fast Furious World. Astrology guides us to avoid situations like; where we unknowingly getting into problems as well provide solutions on how to come out of them.”

His predictions and guidance are widely been broadcasted, published, followed and following in various TV Channels, Magazines and Media. Dr.K.P.Vidhyadharan well known for predicting election result for past two state and central election result came exactly as he predicted. His recent prediction includes cricket world cup finals, twenty 20 and Tamilnadu state govt election result.

Media and Magazines:

  • Dinakaran - He writes Daily forecast
  • Shakthi vikatan - He writes Monthly twice forecast
  • Aval vikatan - He writes Monthly twice forecast
  • Tamil murasu - He writes Daily prediction
  • Tamil Tagaval - He writes Monthly forecast
  • Webdunia site - He writes Daily , Monthly and Yearly forecast
  • He also regular appearing on World Popular tamil channel Sun tv for daily forecast
  • He also regular appearing on International channel Deepam tv for weekly forecast
  • He also writes regular Guru Payarchi, Sani payarchi and Rahu Ketu Payarchi forecast and other Research articles related to astrology on several magazines like kungumum and other magazines..